If you want to know what a Civil War prison was like, John Sanford Gililland's Civil War Adventure is a must read. This lengthy and fascinating story of JS's capture by the Yankees, interment in New Orleans, escape and reintroduction to his division offers Civil War insights from 140 years ago. Told in 1907 by Cliff D. Yates, Historian, Wise County, Texas.


It's a big family and there are many interesting stories. If you know one and want to share it, send it in and we will post it here.

James Robert (Jim) Gililland, Hunted by Pat Garrett, Tried for Murder, Generally Misunderstood? This account is coutesy of his nephew Alvy Ray Smith.

Jim Gililland's story has many tellings. This one is courtesy of his niece, Viola Smith-Hobbs. It gives interesting details for the tracking and capture of Uncle Jim by Sheriff Pat Garret.

Minnie Ola Gililland White, as told by her niece, Frances Gilliland Hunt, Sept 10, 1979

Robert Roy Gilliland, shortly before his death in 1952, wrote this letter to his nephew, Ernest Earl Gililland. It details much of the family history and serves as one of the base documents for the family tree posted on this web site.

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